Every tattoo is uniquely you

Our wide-selection (we have over 100 designs!) of tattoo stencils let you express yourself in sparkly style! With 30+ colors of high-quality, cosmetic-grade glitter to choose from — your tattoo will be as unique as you are. In general, glitter tattoos last about 3 days and do not wash off in water. They can be removed with rubbing alcohol or …

100+ designs to choose from

We have 100+ different tattoo stencil designs for your guests to choose from. If we don’t have just what you’re wanting for a themed event, we can probably order something suitable if we know ahead of time. And if you’ve got something really unique in mind, we have contacts who make custom-designed glitter tattoo stencils — just make sure you …

Check it out

Glitter tattoos are an object of admiration for people young and old. It is popular with boys and girls of all ages.

A matter of size …

While most of our glitter tattoos are about 2″ square, we have an assortment of larger designs like the bracelet/armband. We also have a few very small designs for the wee folk.

Custom blends

With 30+ colors of high-quality, cosmetic grade glitter, the effects we can create will dazzle even the most hardened visual connoisseur.